Solitude reflection

After taking some time to pray and think about God alone, I realized that solitude really does bring me closer to Him. Without anything else to distract me other than the task at hand, I realized it was far easier to see what linked me with God and what He was. No outside influences prevented me from getting an honest, clear view of what He is, and this is a new revelation for me. I now completely prefer praying and worshiping alone to doing it with others in a church. In a church it feels impersonal, and although it is worship all the same, I feel slightly uncomfortable. While in solitude, the magnitude of God increases and my own magnitude decreases until I feel that I am lost in His significance, and yet I know that He is above me and cares for me. Although I do not "feel" anything as of yet, I am coming to terms with God's enormity and His grandeur.
From now on, I will try and take some time to worship individually. There are several spots where I can go unmolested--the rooftop of my apartment, a hill near my house--and these places will hopefully increase my solitude and my companionship with God at the same time.

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  1. It is great having little areas of guaranteed solitude and solace for the soul. Great reflections Ambrose!